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  1. Edwin & Sylvia says:

    We wish you lots of happiness on your wedding day and good luck for your new future!

  2. Agnes Christine says:

    Congratulation sobriii en ci Linda!! Wish u a happy marriage.

  3. Rangga says:

    Congrat for Hilman and Linda. happiness and joyful always surround you both. God will bless you both more and more

  4. Leny Tan says:

    Happy wedding to Hilman & Linda, The blessing from Father in Heaven may always comes into your marriage abudantly, happy happily ever after, healthy together forever, wealthy to be part of His plans, remember and respect all the valuable journey that has been and will be thru together as husband and wife :),,,,,

  5. Riska Sumardjo says:

    Hi Linda and Hilman,I am very thrill to receive your wedding invitation. My wish and pray to Father in Heaven to give both of you strength and wisdom in marriage, because marriage is school of life. May Joy and happiness always with you 🙂

  6. Jessica Nevina says:

    Dear ko Hilman and ci Linda, all the best wishes for your wedding day and marriage! May God grant you all of life’s blessings and love’s joys. :))

  7. Wijoyo says:

    Congratulations. Wish you both a happily and blessed union under guidance of Lord Almighty. I have known Linda, a woman who possess brain and beauty, a rare combination properties. But more than that she is a kind, humble, loyal and also generous friend. It is a privilege for me to have you as friend. So again I am happy for you both. God Bless You. Cheers 😀

  8. Yen'$ says:

    The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses, and still thinks that you are amazing. And I know, you both found it in each other. Happy for you, and I hope your journey will full of happiness and be bless. Love & cheers.

  9. Kiky & Novi says:

    Congratulation Ko Hilman & Ci Linda! Semoga lancar smuanya sampai hari H. Wishing you the most prosperous married life,
    May it last forever and grow stronger with every passing year! GBU

  10. Adam Aseanto says:

    Hi Hilman and Linda, Congratulation on one of your great moment of life,may you both live happily ever after *just like in fairy tale only better*. best wishes for both of you. cheers

  11. Rudy Tie says:

    Happy wedding, wish you all the best ya

  12. Ivana says:

    Congratulations Ko Hilman and Ci Linda on starting a new season as husband and wife. I am extremely happy for both of you. Personally, It’s been an immense blessing for me to have you as my brother and sister in Christ and I believe that your marriage will be a blessing for young generation!

  13. Dimas says:

    Happy wedding, wish you all the best ya

  14. Luna says:

    hope you a happy life aver after