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How we met each other

We were complete strangers and knew each other by coincidence. We are very grateful that God made us meet each other at His perfect time. Through our journey, we finally discover that our relationship is the Godly relationship that we have been waiting for so long.
One of the goals in sharing our story is to encourage our single friends. When we meet the right person, we will understand why it never worked out with anyone else. God indeed has something great for our future. He has a perfect timing; never too early nor too late. It just takes a little patience and a lot of faith. But it is definitely worth the wait.


It was Sunday afternoon and as usual, after church, I decided to have lunch. For an unknown reason, though, I thought I really had to have lunch at Marugame Udon.
I went there by myself and while queuing with the rest of others, I saw her for the first time and like her at the first sight. She was around two meters in front of me – and to my advantage – she was queuing with a friend of mine. Luckily, my friend asked me to join them.
The rest is history.


I went to church with my best friend and we met her cousin who worked in Canada before. At that time, I was considering to leave Jakarta to work overseas and wanted to know further about the process and challenges from her. So after church, I joined her to have lunch at Marugame Udon.
She spotted a friend of hers, and because he was alone, she invited him to join us. Later on, I found out his name is Hilman. During the conversation, I get to know that he has an auto repair shop. It was such a coincidence that my car was broken due to an accident not long before the lunch. The other twist of fate was that for some reasons, I was out of my car insurance coverage. We left each others’ contact numbers and I booked an appointment to repair my car.
Before we know it, we become closer and grow comfortable with other. He accompanied me in my baptism. While we strive to get closer to God, we became more connected during our journey to serve Him. A year afterwards, we got engaged. And now, a year and a half later, we are getting married.

It is indeed by God’s grace and favour that both of us, completely strangers, can meet when we actually did not expect each other.

We do realize that now is the time that we both are ready to be unified as couple, level up together and, most importantly, get closer to our God and love Him even more. God is great, we love you Father!!!!

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